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3B-IT Ltd is continually expanding, opening new online stores across the web.

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Our very own consumer electronics website!

On Technoshack you will see lower prices than Amazon and eBay for most of the electronics. Since we don't have to pay any fees like we do on eBay and Amazon it allows us to give you much better deals and throw in free gifts and delivery.

So, before you go to our Amazon or eBay stores take a look on our website to see if we have what you want because you could save a lot of your money!

Visit Technoshack for consumer electronics much cheaper than Amazon and eBay

3B-IT Ltd Amazon Store

3B-IT Ltd expanded across the web and opened up our own Amazon webstore. Since the start, 3B-IT Ltd have had huge success. To see some of these great deals check out our Amazon Store.

3B-IT Ltd eBay Store

3B-IT Ltd are extremely delighted with the success of the 3B-IT eBay Store. 3B-IT Ltd are determined to provide the best service. Check out our eBay Store

Special discounts are available if you are buying network products in large quantites.

We accommodate specific cable lengths.

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