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Why Buy Compatible Cabling?

Wondering why you should choose 3B-IT Ltd to buy your cables?

I can buy cables through my system's manufacturer. Why should I buy them from 3B-IT?

Quality - Our compatible products are built for durability and meet or exceed the original manufacturer specifications.
Affordability - Our compatibles allow you to save up to 80% over original manufacturer products.
Availability - Because they cost less, our compatible products are stocked in larger quantities than their original counterparts, giving you improved product availability.
Guarantee - We stand behind our products with warranty against defects for a lifetime.

How do I know it will work with my system?

All our cables are 100% guaranteed to be compatible with the manufacturer's hardware.

I only buy products through authorised vendor distributors

Manufacturer's original products are often in supply constraint in distribution or they have a finite life as a current product.
We stock credible alternatives to current and obsolete or discontinued products that can be delivered next day.
Our products are not grey market vendor cables.
We supply third-party compatible cables;therefore there is no conflict with any vendor agreements.

Will compatible cables affect my warranty with my system manufacturer?

No. Our cables are made by the same manufacturers that the large vendors use (they basically add labels and increase the price!), so there is no greater risk of a compatible cable failing over a vendor badged one.

Special discounts are available if you are buying network products in large quantites.

We accommodate specific cable lengths.

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